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  Evergreen of Napa Valley was founded in December of 1979 by Michael ‘Larry’ Cline and has been in continuous operation serving customers throughout the Napa Valley and neighboring areas.  We take pride in our work and strive to keep current of the latest in landscape technology and plant science developments.      

Our services encompass Landscape Conceptual Design, drainage and irrigation design, and advanced garden “problem solving”.  We also provide commercial and residential Interior Plant Design services. Consultation services are always available.

With our Project Management skills, we can focus on your landscape or construction project from start to finish, while procuring and supervising excellent subcontractors and/or craftsmen.  We can manage and/or supervise the on-going maintenance of your project or property in an efficient, cost effective manner. Many of our customers have special needs and/or requests which we are happy to accommodate.

Our rate structure is a “Time and Materials” basis, with materials cost at wholesale (or my cost) plus 35%.  

Plant material costs are quotable, but are usually 10-20% less than retail.  

My consultation service rate is $75 per hour. Our labor rates are $45-65 per man-hour.    

Full invoicing and itemization of charges is made for each workday and statements are sent out the first of each month.  

Payment in full is due by the 10th of the month of statement receipt.

We are fully insured and licensed by the State of California and the City of Napa.


California Licensed Contractor  #850013   (previously #444390 as a corporation) / inactive status

 CA Certified Nursery Professionals Advanced Status  #1310-MLC and  #1527-CRC

 CA DPR Qualified Pest Control Applicators  #96433 / inactive status

 CA DPR Pest Control Business License  #30093 / inactive status

 IA Certified Irrigation Auditor  #13840 / inactive status

City of Napa Business License #14323


Member: California Landscape Contractors Association

                California Association of Nurserymen

                Pesticide Applicators Professional Association

                The Irrigation Association

                EPA Water-Sense Partner


Please call us if you have any questions.   We look forward to the opportunity to be of service to you! 


Michael Larry Cline / michaelarry@evergreenofnapavalley.com

Cathy Rossi Cline / crcline@evergreenofnapavalley.com


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